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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. we're in the midst of another
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round of storms that are hitting baltimore right now. now another batch is zeroing in on us. let's go straight over to bob turk in the weather to look at a very active radar right now. >> and that's all moved off to the east but we have more activity developing to the west and south of us. right now around the city one cell moving across baltimore county and eastern sections. another little batch developing to the west and south of us. we will see some of this later in this evening. the big area we had earlier has now moved off to the delaware. there's more down to the south, that means more rain overnight and there could be some heavy rain as well. we'll tell you how long this is going to last in a few minutes. a 16-year-old girl from elica city is now recovering. an injury suffered in a
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terrorist bombing in uganda. wjz stays on the story. and mike hellgren is at the church which she was doing volunteer work for. >> reporter: the bombing injured the girl and six other volunteers. the group's pastor says faith has kept her congregation together and they plan to continue their work in uganda. >> we see what happens when evil is so prevalent, that danger lurks, that we have to face that. >> reporter: church member debby bingaman's son also suffered injurys from the explosion tied to al-qaida.
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>> you could see a hole in his leg, and he couldn't see out of his left eye. >> our phones have been ringing constantly. folks from around the country have been sending e-mails to us offering their prayers, offering their encouragement. >> reporter: members of the group including emily could have come home days earlier but chose to stay. never imagining terror would strike. >> that says something about the generosity of her spirit and her willingness to donate over herself. >> reporter: missionary nate was the only missionary killed in the blast. >> everyone though bad things happen to good people, god is still good. >> of course we are learning tonight that four suspects are under arrest after an unexploded suicide vest was found in a disco hall. investigators believe this is connected to the deadly attack. stay with wjz for the latest on
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the explosion in uganda. caught, a rape suspect who was accidentally released from a baltimore county jail is back in police custody tonight. officers caught up with ernest clark around 6:30 this evening on east chase street. clark is accused of raping a woman in herring bone park in 2000. a misplaced document is blamed for clark's accidental release. governor martin o' malley labeled it the hell train. wjz is live at penn station downtown. in our outback, kai jackson explains it may not be enough. >> reporter: nta announced today that it would give out these vip passes for those involved in the train. passengers we talked to today
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says the a good start but they believe they need to do more. no air-conditioning and no water made for a nightmare. >> it was extremely hot. >> reporter: now the maryland transit administration offers an olive branch to passengers who were on that train. the agency is giving out these vip passes. >> although they tried with some of the hot weather to back up and bus people around. >> reporter: the vip passengers are for passengers that were on the train that broke down in june but family and friends can also use them. the same day the nta is handing out vouchers who were stuck on that june train, a train is
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delayed to getting into penn station today. >> they have a line, but i don't see it's going to resolve. we are always having this issue. >> i think it's a good idea because people spend a lot of money. i spend about $14 a day on a round trip. >> reporter: to be eligible for this you have to have this submitted to the nta's office of the treasury by august 13th of this year. the voucher or vip pass is good till august 13, 2013. back to you vic. >> the nta is not saying how many of the vip passes they will give up. but more than a thousand passengers were on the train that broke down. bp announced it is delaying
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a critical effort on the broken well. >> reporter: bp has planned a series of tests over the next few days in the latest attempt to stop the leak. now there's a new hick up, the federal administration says there's more tests needed. the cap could temporarily put an end to the gushing oil. at least until a permanent relief well is in place next month. >> but the ultimate success of this entire endeavor will be the relief well. >> reporter: the government also announced plans for a thousand skimmer ships on the surface by the end of july. >> at this point, 85 days into the disaster, gulf residents will believe a fix when they see it. and even if the leak is
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controlled, oil will continue to flow toward shore. >> this could be a problem for years to come. >> reporter: lonnie shigward grew up near the mississippi shore which was wiped up by hurricane katrina and still has a long way to recover. now the same shoreline is dotted with oil. >> everybody put their heart and soul into getting the coast rebuilt and now they have the oil spill going on now which is just -- i think it has everyone just very depressed and just really down. >> reporter: everyone is hoping bp's latest attempt will bring an end to what's become a sadly familiar sight. in long beach, mississippi, manuel gallegos. the man in charge of leading the coast guard efforts in the coast says he cannot put odds on the success of the new cap. he was baseball's most famous and controversial owner. george steinbremmer passed away
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today. a moment of silence was held today at the all star game. he will best be remembered for seven world series championships. >> he expected perfection and that rubbed off on the organization whether it were the players, or the front office. people working at the stadium. it didn't make a difference, he expected perfection. >> reporter: steinbrenner purchased the yankees for less than $10 million. he was in fragile health for the last few years. murder mystery, a local dentist is brutally killed inside his office. four years later, police say they know now who did it. wjz is live in the newsroom. kelly mcpherson says the crime has plagued the economy all this while. >> reporter: two people have finally been charged. a woman who used to work for the dentist and her associate who by the time police caught up with him was already in jail
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facing other murder charges. >> reporter: for four year, family and colleagues have wondered and worried about who killed dr. albert roe. >> he was badly murdered, not just murdered. that really shocked me. >> reporter: doctors say they were very careful after that morning when the well liked doctor was found dead. an anne arundel county district attorney has charged roe's former employee. dr.roe wife had called 911 worried that her husband was not yet home from work. when they got here, they found his body inside of his office
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badly beaten. >> it's very alarming to see that something like this had happened. >> reporter: police explained the area hasn't had any trouble. and roe's family had no leads either. >> this is unbelievable. i mean the family is traumatized. >> reporter: over the phone tonight his brother tells me that he had no idea that the former employee was a suspect. and he didn't know of any connection between the male suspect and his brother. denise-- >> thank you very much. the doctor's case went directly to the district attorney which means the details of the case have not been released. a poll connected by public policy polls shows governor o' malley ahead in the polls. it was a million dollars
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surprise courtesy of the maryland lottery. >> that's paula evans of landover. she learned that her ticket was randomly picked. she plans to use the money to help her children go to college, and continue her education toward a nursing degree. >> good for her. in just minutes, a shocking phone conversation of a hollywood movie star. >> i need a woman. >> why mel gibson's phone conversations with his exgirlfriend have now become a police investigation. and coming up tonight, we
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look into the police probe of lance armstrong. i'm bob turk, the complete forewarn weather forecast is coming up next. ,,,, if i were a customer,
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call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. it is 73 with showers in central maryland right now, the complete first warning forecast is coming right up. a police officer in texas is suspended for using excessive force and is caught
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on tape. from the cruiser dash cam you can see officer paul stevens walk into a crowd. he was later seen grabbing and dragging a woman. an investigation found the officer was not out of line. people who take avandia could be more likely to have a heart attack. the hagerstown doctor was the first to report the complications. today the fda will report whether to pull the drug or wait for further studies. the fda does not have to follow the indications but often does.
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according to the new york times, the subpoenas are considered a significant step in the investigation. the probe started earlier this year when floyd landis told authorities that doping was prevasing when he was on the usa team. another blow to the reputation of actor mel gibson. another telephone conversation is released. we warn you, some of what you're going to hear is disturbing. >> reporter: posted monday by radar, in it the actor sounds completely unhinged. threatening his exgirlfriend grogoviega during a phone call she reportedly recorded. >> you need medication.
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>> i need a woman. i don't need medication, you need a bat on the side of your head, how about that. >> reporter: she filed a complaint with police last week that launched domestic violence investigation against the 54- year-old actor. in the recording, gregorieva says gibson punched her in the face. at one point, the actor gets so worked up, he's left gasping for air. the actor's talent agency dropped him last week after another ex recording was released. that's why i'm so -- angry, because i don't have any friends. my career is over. >> reporter: a hard fact even
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mel gibson seems to understand. >> and mel gibson has not reported that it is his voice on the recording. i don't know, i saw it in the movies. it was there alive. >> it was not real though. >> well then they are overdue then. >> i hope not. again, let's look at the radar. a flood watch warning for some people of you in virginia till 5:00 a.m. because of the heavy rains. right now one batch of rain moved into the city, right now to hartford county and eastern sections of baltimore county. another batch, that's moving
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toward our region as well. so we're not done with the terrain there. eastern shores now moving away from you, so you will have a break for a while. but there's a break to come. another big batch and that has more heavy rain with us. take a look at temperatures. 80 in elkton. last report it hasn't rained there. it will be. 61 the cool spot in oakland, once again high dewpoints a lot of moisture in there. these showers and storms have a potential to drop an inch or more of rain in a short period of time. that's what causes the rising in those streams and there could be urban flooding as well. out to the west, this is a big system that's moving through tonight. it will eventually pass off to
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the east. the sun coming out will probably see again another round of at least one or two showers or storms tomorrow. still a little bit of activity, still one in ohio. it does clear out here, it does move out of here. most of the east as you can see being dominated by showers and storms. the front moves through, still remains humid. friday night into saturday another system with another risk of some more thunderstorms. low temps in the low 80s today. showers and storms, once again heavy rain in some areas. 73, probably not going to drop a whole lot more. 90 tomorrow, sun and some clouds and yes, maybe a few thunderstorms, it'll be hot and humid afternoon. the next five days, 93. but probably no rain thursday or friday until friday night. but look at that, 96, 92, more storms, drying out for the storms, drying out for the second ,,,,
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
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at baseball's all star game, the national league has the lead to win the game for the first time in 18 years. the yankees robinson canoe drove the first run. ed to wiggington entered the game in the 7th inning. the orioles get an extended all star break, four days off. they look to extend a four day winning streak when they play next. the o's have improved under manager samuel and i asked him what how he feels about the team's improvement. >> these guys are playing great for me. these guys are playing hard. i have nothing but praise for these guys. and i think the sign is we're able to come back. any time you do that it means your team is not quitting.
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>> in the 34 games for the o's under juan samuel they've played to a record of 14-20. they will open a home stand on wednesday. and a new deal will keep coach tomlin for the ravens. the ravens will kick off training camp two weeks from tomorrow. and in basketball news, obaske follows in the footsteps of james. he says playing with james was a major factor of him going to the miami heat.
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and tiger woods will switch to a different style putter. it'll be the first time in five years woods has made a change to a putter made by nike. seven time champ lance armstrong made up some ground on the hills but he's still back in 31st place. six minutes mind the leader, french rider kasaw finished third. winning a sprint to the finish. andy shrunq is the over all leader. leader. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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